Sending and receiving messages

Based on extensive feedback from our community, we have made major improvements to the user experience. From this point on, you may notice a change to the way you communicate and connect with others, but we are confident that you will find the new interface more enjoyable and effective, so you can spend less time on the platform, and more time mentoring.

Instead of making Requests and Offers to connect with others, now you can just freely converse with other entrepreneurs and mentors using an open messaging system. You can make the decision to mentor at your own pace and style, connect with as many people as you want, and change your availability when you become busy.

Here's how to get started:

1. Find a user who is relevant to your interests.

Use the search feature to find a users with similar interests. When you find one who seems like a good fit, click on the Start a Conversation button on his or her profile to start a new conversation.

Start a conversation on the profile page

2. Craft a message that will draw attention.

Start off the conversation on the right foot by sending a thoughtful message expressing your interest and proposing some good first steps.

Write an introductory message

3. Respond in a timely manner to incoming messages.

When a user sends you a new message, we will notify you via email so you can view the conversation and respond to the message.

New Message via email

Also, you can quickly see how many unread conversation messages you have by viewing the notifications counter on the navigation at the top of every page.

Your more recent conversations will appear in the My Conversations panel on your Dashboard (the first screen you see when you log in). You can see the full list of your open conversations by clicking "View all Conversations".

Accessing conversations from the dashboard

On the Conversations page, you can view and continue your conversations. Click the View button next to a conversation summary to view the full conversation. Business Mentor NY saves your conversation history with all users, so you can keep track of your mentoring activity.

If you become unavailable for mentoring, you can pause new and existing conversations by using the "Change Your Availability link at the bottom of the Conversations page. When you're ready to connect again, simply use that same link to restore your availability.

Viewing all conversations and changing availability

Whom can I start a conversation with on Business Mentor NY?

You can have a conversation with anyone. The most common conversations involve either an entrepreneur seeking help from a mentor or a mentor offering to help an entrepreneur. However, mentors are welcome to reach out to each other to expand their own knowledge and team up to help entrepreneurs. Likewise, entrepreneurs can mentor each other as peers and share best practices.